Think You Need To Replace Your Transmission? Consider These Issues First

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You might be scared that the problem you are having with your car is a failing transmission. And, as you know, transmission work can be costly. The following are a few other possible problems that could mimic a faulty transmission.

A Clogged Transmission Filter

Your transmission filter is there to keep contaminants from entering the transmission. The transmission is very sensitive and any contamination could damage it, so this filter is quite important. But, just like any other component, it can fail. The following are some symptoms to look out for:

Talk to your transmission specialist if you believe that this is your problem so that he or she can confirm your suspicions.

A Bad Transmission Solenoid

The transmission solenoid helps regulate the flow of transmission fluid inside your transmission system. This valve is very important and issues with it could mimic some transmission problems. The following are some signs to look for:

Talk to your transmission specialist about your suspicions and hopefully the issue is related to the aforementioned problems. These problems are a lot cheaper than a replacing a faulty transmission. But do not hesitate to talk to a transmission specialist like Pro Transmission because these problems will eventually damage your transmission and repair costs may increase the longer you wait.