Fix Your Leaking Manual Transmission Gasket At Home

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If you have noticed red fluid underneath your vehicle, it is leaking transmission fluid. Luckily, with a stop leak solution, you may be able to stop the leak without having to shell out cash for an expensive repair:

Confirm That It Is Transmission Fluid

The first thing you need to do is confirm that the liquid under your car transmission fluid. Get down and look at the liquid closely. Transmission fluid is generally a pink, red or orange shade. It should also be clear. If the liquid fits that description, than its transmission fluid.

Another way to confirm that your transmission is leaking fluid is by checking your transmission fluid levels. The levels should stay steady. Check it a couple times over the course of a week. If the level drops, then you have a leak. 

Decide If You Can Do The Repair

You are going to need access to a standard vehicle jack as well as wheel blocks to complete this repair. Additionally, you need to know your way around a manual transmission. You will need to be able to find the fill plug on your manual transmission. 

If you don't have the right tools or the right skills, you should take your vehicle to a skilled mechanic and see if they can perform a simple fix to stop the leak in your transmission. 

Perform The Repair

Purchase a container of stop leak from your local auto store. Once you have purchased these crucial supplies, it is time to jack up your vehicle. Use jacks to raise up the front end of your vehicle, and use wheel blocks on your rear wheels to keep your vehicle in place. 

Once you have your vehicle elevated, you need to get under your vehicle and find the fill plug on the side of your manual transmission. You may need to use a wrench to remove the plug. 

After you get the plug off, open up the bottle stop leak solution and pour it into your transmission. You'll want to add the entire container to your transmission. Once you've emptied the bottle, reattach the fill plug. Be sure to use your wrench to tighten it on. Then, lower your vehicle and remove the wheel blocks.

This solution will work its way through your transmission and will help seal off any small leaks. Make sure your transmission is full, and keep checking the levels for about a week to make sure the stop leak solution worked and your vehicle is no longer losing transmission fluid. If your vehicle is still leaking transmission fluid and the fluid levels continue to drop, schedule an appointment with your mechanic for a more in-depth inspection and avoid expensive transmission repair down the road.