Three Ways That Window Tinting Protects Your Car And Everything In It

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Window tinting lends itself to a certain level of mystery because you are never quite certain who is doing what behind the darkened car windows. However, it is more than a just a cool, mysterious add-on. It protects your transportation investment in the following ways.

Your Vehicle's Interior Stays Cooler and More Comfortable

With all that glass, your vehicle is essentially a greenhouse on wheels. When you keep the windows rolled up and park your vehicle outside for six hours or more, it turns into quite the hot box. On a hot summer's day, the temperature in a vehicle without window tinting can be up to two hundred degrees (depending on where you live). By hiring an auto service shop to tint your windows, you can reduce that temperature by almost forty percent.

Your Vehicle's Interior is Protected Against Fading, Peeling and Cracking

Whether you have leather or cloth covered seats in your car, both are affected by the sun's rays. The sun damages the interior of your vehicle, causing everything to fade and have a bleached-out look. Additionally, if your seats are leather or vinyl, the sun can cause them to crack and peel. All of this sun damage reduces the value of your vehicle, making it worth less when you want to trade it in or sell it. You can prevent this type of damage with auto window tints.

Your Vehicle Is (Sort of) Protected Against Shattered Glass 

To a certain extent, auto window tints prevent bits of shattered glass from scattering all over the interior of your vehicle. The reason behind this is that the adhesive used to adhere the tint film is heat-cured and acts like a bonding agent at a molecular level. If a thief tries to shatter your windows, what he or she gets is a cracked, broken window with the tint film holding the pieces together. If you can get your vehicle to a glass specialist after the fact, the tint film holds the broken window together long enough to be replaced. There is less mess  to clean up.

Where You Can Get Your Windows Tinted

There are four places that commonly do window tinting. You can take your car or truck to a dealership, an auto glass shop, an auto service shop, or an auto body specialist's shop. You can also choose to tint all the glass in your vehicle, which is highly recommended and adds to the previously mentioned benefits, or you can tint just the side windows, just the rear windshield, or just the front windshield.