Add Flair To Your Truck's Body By Adding A Customized Design With Paint

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A customized design created with paint will add flair to your truck's body so that it stands out as you are cruising down the road. Some basic materials and simple steps will help you transform your truck into one that is stylish and original.

Use The Following Items

Create A Design

Decide what type of design you would like to add to your truck's body. Print a copy of a picture that you like from a website onto a standard sheet of paper. Cut the picture out with scissors and trace it onto a piece of self adhesive masking paper with a pencil. If you are artistically inclined, draw an original design directly onto the masking paper. Masking paper is commonly used for automotive paint jobs. Once the designed is prepared, cut out the outline with a pair of scissors.

Wash And Sand The Truck's Body

Use soapy water and a scrub brush to clean the section of the truck that you are adding the design to. Rinse the truck off with a water hose. Spray wax and grease remover over the clean surface to remove any residue that remains. Dry the truck's body with a clean cloth. Attach a piece of high grit sandpaper to a hand sander and lightly move it over the truck's surface. Sanding will help the paint adhere properly in the following step. Wipe the truck's body off with a clean cloth to remove any particles from the sandpaper. 

Add The Design

Place a drop cloth underneath the area where you will be painting. Attach the design that was traced or drawn onto the masking paper by lining up the paper over the truck's surface. Peel off the backing and press the design down firmly. Once attached, use a paint marker to trace around the outline. After the paint dries, peel off the paper. Fill in the center of the design with enamel paint that is designed for vehicles. Use a thin paintbrush or airbrushing tool to do this.

Allow the paint to dry completely before adding an additional coat of paint. Once you are satisfied with the way that your truck looks, add a coat of clear automotive paint over the design. This type of paint will give the truck's surface a glossy finish.

The customized paint job will provide your truck a fresh look that you will be proud to show off.  Contact a truck body service like Metropolitan Truck Center Inc for more information.