Stay On The Road And Satisfy Your Responsibilities - Preparing For Your New Jersey State Auto Inspection

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The open road has long offered the draw of freedom and possibility to many people, but that freedom also comes with a great degree of responsibility. Making sure your car is in good shape and not at risk of causing environmental damage is the responsibility of both the vehicle owner as well as the government, and state inspections in New Jersey will hold you to the proper standard.

Below, you'll find a guide to some things you should do to prepare for your New Jersey state inspections. Following these suggestions can help guarantee that your vehicle will pass inspection with flying colors, putting you on the path to embracing the freedom of the open road in the way you've always wanted to.

Check Exterior Lights

One of the most common issues that face cars of all ages is an exterior light that may have been dimmed or gone out. These issues are often difficult to detect, and if you don't notice it until your car is undergoing an inspection, you may find yourself frustrated by an unexpected failure.

It's important that you verify that lights other than your headlights are working correctly. Team up with a friend or loved one to check your front and rear turn signals as well as your rear backup lights. Finding a bulb that's out will allow you to replace it easily and avoid being delayed by a failed inspection.

Gather Your Paperwork

State vehicle inspections don't merely check on the physical state of your car. They're also designed to verify that your vehicle is properly licensed and insured, and even if you've successfully cleared all of the relevant hoops, it's important that you can prove it by providing the right paperwork.

Before you head out for your inspection, make sure that you can easily find your driver's license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and a receipt proving the results of your previous inspection. Having all of this information should expedite the process and make sure you aren't tripped up by a technicality.

Clear Your Warning Lights

When warning lights pop up on the dashboard, it's important to get them checked out as quickly as possible. However, the financial reality of vehicle ownership often means delaying repairs until they become absolutely necessary. It's vital, however, that you have these warnings cleared before your vehicle is inspected. A warning code from your car's computer can be enough to cause a failure, so make sure you're all caught up before you bring your car in to be looked at.