Two Signs Your Truck's Air Conditioner Isn't Working Correctly

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On a hot summer day, when you get in your truck, the first thing you probably want to do is turn your air conditioner on in order to cool off. Getting in your truck one day to discover that your air conditioner is not working is not a scenario you want to find yourself in. Fortunately, there are a number of early warning signs that can indicate the presence of a problem with your air conditioner unit. Here are just some of the things you want to look out for.

Excess Moisture

One indication that you might have a problem on your hands is excess moisture around your cab, especially on the floor. One common problem with automotive air conditioners is drain hose blockage. When operational, the excess moisture from the air conditioner drains from your vehicle through the hose. When the hose is blocked, the condensation has to find some other place to drain out from and the inside of your cab generally becomes the location.

If you don't actually feel the moisture on the floor of your truck, you might also recognize a mildew-like smell coming from your vents. This smell is often an indication that the condensation is backing up inside the air conditioner unit. In either case, this type of problem should alert you that you need to have the drain hose inspected to see what is causing the blockage.

Low Flow

You should also pay attention to the flow of air from your air conditioner unit. If you have your air conditioner fan on the highest setting and you barely feel any air flowing out the vents, this is a sign of a problem. One reason for this could be an issue with the fuse. The fan gets power from the fuse, to force out the air through the vents. When the fuse isn't working correctly, the fan doesn't get this power.

Look in your owner's manual to identify the location of the air conditioner fuse and test it with a fuse tester. If the fuse is working correctly, it should illuminate and turn green. If it turns red, this means the fuse is dead. In this case, you need to take your truck into a service technician to have the fuse replaced and ensure this is the problem.

Paying attention to the small signs that indicate a problem with your air conditioner can help you address your repair needs before you have to deal with a complete system failure. Make sure you aren't overlooking signs of a problem. Click here for more information on truck air conditioning repair.