Staying Comfortable And Maximizing Efficiency - Getting The Most From Your Car's Air Conditioner

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The open road promises freedom and excitement to millions of people, but before you head out on an exciting journey, it's important that you make sure all of your car's systems are in their best shape. Though you may not realize it, your air conditioner provides more than just a comfortable environment, and you need to make sure that it gets as much attention as the rest of your vehicle.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to keep your air conditioner in its best working condition. Following these suggestions will help to ensure that you have a comfortable and secure vehicle which can avoid wear and tear.

Utilize the Defroster In All Weather

When most people think of their air conditioning system, they think only of the cooled air that allows them to stay comfortable on a warm day. However, your car's defroster is powered by the same elements, and it's important that you recognize it performs tasks outside of removing snow and ice.

Your defroster plays an important role in dehumidifying your auto glass as well as the frame that contains it. Running the defroster even during warm weather will help limit the potential growth of bacteria and other organisms which thrive in dark and damp spaces, allowing you to avoid unpleasant odors and other annoyances.

Recharge the Coolant

Your air conditioning system delivers the cooling power you desire by taking advantage of advances in contained coolant technology. While your system is likely designed to be closed and retain its fluid, working in tough environments can eventually start to use it up and force your blower motor to work harder to deliver any cooling power at all.

Be sure that you charge your air conditioning system with fresh coolant on a time-frame recommended by the manufacturer. This investment will easily pay off in allowing you to avoid overworking the system and paying for a much more expensive repair down the road.

Maintain A Consistent Temperature

One mistake that many people make is shutting off their air conditioner once they reach a comfortable temperature in order to preserve fuel. Others abandon the system entirely in favor of rolled down windows. Both of those choices, however, can lead to fuel inefficiencies that directly contradict your conservation efforts. Instead, select a moderate temperature and allow your air conditioning to run consistently to maintain a comfortable environment. This will actually help your fuel efficiency in the long run. 

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