The Basic Tools That All Truckers Should Have When On The Road

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A trucker on the road has to make sure that they have everything they need to stay on the road. Newer truckers don't worry so much about breaking down while on the road. More experienced truckers know better. But no matter where you fall on that scale, it's important that you have the bare necessities with you at all time.

Tools for Owners, Tools for Drivers

Before heading out to pick up all the tools you think you'll need, you should make sure that you're allowed to. In many cases, if you're driving for someone else, it's possible the company will not want you to make any kind of emergency repairs to a truck.

If you're the owner-operator, then you have all the permission you need. But even if you cannot do any work on the truck, you still may want to know what's going on. To that end, these tools can help you as well.

Make Sure You Have Your Hand Tools

A good set of hand tools can do a lot for you in an emergency.

You can find these and many other tools in small, easy to carry sets. You never know what you'll have to unscrew, push apart, or turn. It's best to have a set of tools that can at least handle general access to most areas of the truck. A small mallet to knock things loose can come in handy as well.

An Extra Set of Eyes and Light to See

You should always have a flashlight or two on hand. One is good, but two is better. A larger flashlight for when it's dark out, and a pen light for close work or looking into smaller crevices.

These days, you should also bring along something that can record video or at least take pictures. This can help you get a separate visual of what you're looking it. It can also help you if questions of liability come up.

You Need Some Utility Tools

Generic hand tools can do a lot for you, but you will also need basic utility tools to help you do any number of things.

Your collection of utility items will grow as you find other things that you need from various situations. For example, if you find yourself patching small holes a lot, you might just start carrying  a caulking gun and caulk along with you.

All the Spare Parts You May or May Not Need

You need spare parts, but these can vary depending on your type of truck and even the climate you're driving through. Much like utility items, you will most likely start to add things for specific situations. In general, you should ride out with a few of the following.

If you have any parts that you know your truck requires extras of, then you should bring those along as well. You should also keep some fluids on you such as brake fluid and WD-40. In addition, you should always have tools for dealing with your tires, such as a pressure gauge and pump.

The Contact Information of a Good Mobile Repair Service

Odds are you won't be attempting any truly serious repairs while on the side of the road. You need the tools that can get you running again fairly quickly. Or you need the ability to patch something so you can drive somewhere for repairs.

But it's not possible to fix everything quickly. Neither is attempting a repair always feasible. You should have the number of a good mobile truck repair service company like C L Enterprises. Having a professional come out to help you or rescue your truck can save you both time and money.