Car Tips: A Simple Guide to Maintain Your Transmission

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The transmission is a complex compartment in your vehicle that helps relay power and speed needs to the rest of your vehicle; essentially, the transmission is the component that makes your car "go." You should do your best to keep your transmission in good condition, and you can do that with the help of a transmission specialist and the following guide. 

Things You Should Avoid

The following are a few things that may damage your transmission prematurely:

Improper Transmission Fluid Levels

Make sure that you keep your transmission fluid full to ensure that your gears are properly lubricated, which prevents things like gear wear or overheating. Remember to check with your transmission specialist about how often you should change your fluid. Old transmission fluid may not work as well as fresh transmission oil.  

You should also know that your transmission fluid tends to thicken when left overnight or in cooler temperatures, which is a bad thing for your transmission system. So do not drive your car immediately after starting it; rather, let the engine warm up for a minute or two before taking off. 

Driving Mistakes

The following are other mistakes that affect your transmission that you might make while driving:

You can ask your transmission specialist about other things that you should avoid to ensure that your transmission functions as long as it should. 

Improvements To Consider

The following are a few little things that may help keep your transmission in good condition:

There you go; these are a few simple tips to help keep your transmission in tip-top shape, which can extend its life and save you money. Contact a company like  B G & S Transmissions for further information or for an inspection of your car.