4 Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

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A car's transmission is essential for the vehicle to operate properly--without a transmission in good repair, the car will not be able to transmit power to the drive train or shift from gear to gear. Replacing a transmission is one of the more expensive auto repairs, so it is in your best interest to take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible at the first signs of any problems with the transmission so you can get it repaired. Common signs of issues with the transmission include:

Problems Shifting Gears

When a transmission is working properly, shifting between gears should be smooth. If you notice that your vehicle buckles or shudders when you shift from park to drive or reverse, there is most likely something wrong with the transmission and it needs to be serviced by an experienced mechanic.

Slipping Gears

When driving a vehicle, it is normal to expect to car to stay in the designated gear while in motion. When a transmission is in need of repair, the gears may begin slipping while the car is moving; this can be very scary, as the car may not respond well to the gas pedal or drive at the proper speed for the situation. If your transmission is slipping gears, it is in your best interest to safely park as soon as possible and have the transmission repaired. You should not continue to drive your vehicle after you notice slipping gears--not only can it be dangerous, but it can also lead to complete transmission failure.

Burnt Smell

A burnt smell coming from your car is almost always the sign of a problem. The burnt smell may be coming from your transmission if the transmission fluid is overheating. This typically happens if fluid levels are low, the wrong type of transmission fluid has been used, or if the transmission fluid is too old. Transmission fluid is essential for keeping the parts of a transmission properly lubricated and cooled, so if you suspect that a burning smell is coming from the transmission, you will want to have the fluid levels checked and the fluid replaced.

Car Hesitates When Shifting Gears

If a car hesitates or takes several moments to begin moving after shifting gears despite the gas pedal being engaged, it is usually because of a problem with the transmission. This problem is usually pretty easy to notice when shifting from park to drive or reverse and should not be ignored.

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