Warning Signs That Could Indicate That Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

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How often your car needs a tune-up depends on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. If you drive an older car, you probably need to have it tuned up every 30,000 to 45,000 miles. However, newer model cars can typically run longer before a tune-up is needed. The mileage range for your specific vehicle will be listed in your owner's manual. However, just because a specific mileage range is listed it doesn't mean that your car won't need a tune up before you reach the minimum recommended mileage. So, how do you determine whether or not your car needs a tune-up? All you need to do is listen to your car. If you watch for these signs, your car will tell you when a tune-up is needed. 

Warning Lights

The warning lights on your dashboard turn on when something is wrong with your car. Typically, if your car needs a tune-up, the check engine light will illuminate indicating that your car's engine needs to be serviced. However, the check engine light on your car could also indicate several other problems. In order to determine whether your car needs a tune-up or a repair, you need to take your car to an automotive repair shop to have a mechanic determine what caused the light to turn on.

Poor Gas Mileage

If your car isn't getting decent gas mileage all of the sudden, it might be time to take your car in for a tune-up. Vehicles often get poor gas mileage when they aren't operating as efficiently as they should, so if you're driving the same amount of miles each week and find yourself filling up your gas tank more often, there's a good chance that something isn't right. However, it might not be a tune up that your car needs. Vehicles also get poor gas mileage if their tires don't have enough air in them. So, before you take your car to the automotive repair shop for a tune-up, check your tire pressure. If your car's tires have enough air, take the car to the mechanic for a tune-up.

Trouble Accelerating or Loss of Power

Driving the same car for an extended period of time makes you aware of how the car normally operates when everything is properly working. So, there's a good chance that you'll notice when your car isn't accelerating as quickly as it used to or it all of the sudden feels sluggish when you're driving. If your car doesn't move as fast as you're used to it moving, it could put you in a dangerous situation, so it's important to get it checked out right away. Many times, a simple tune up will fix the problem. Additionally, if your car has begun randomly stalling, especially when you're trying to accelerate, you should take your car in for a tune-up -- it's a sign that the car's spark plugs need to be changed.

The frequency in which your car needs a tune-up depends on a lot of different factors. So, take the time to look for warning signs. If you notice any, take your car in for a tune-up (from professionals such as those from Steven & Francine's Complete Automotive Repair Inc) as soon as possible.