Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Vehicle's Transmission

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You can easily avoid having to replace your vehicle's transmission just by treating your vehicle right. Here are a few easy ways that you can take care of your vehicle's transmission and lighten its load on a regular basis. 

Watch What You Put In Your Vehicle

An easy way to strain your vehicle's transmission is by carrying more weight than your vehicle is designed for on a regular basis. Pay attention to the weight of the loads that you transport in your vehicle. If your vehicle looks weighted down by what you are transporting, you are probably trying to move too much all at once. It is better on your vehicle's transmission in the long run if you make multiple trips instead of weighing down your vehicle. Carrying to much can cause your transmission to overheat due to the strain and can prematurely wear down your transmission.

Make Sure That Your Tires Match

Driving with matching tires not only helps your vehicle drive smoother and your tires wear out more evenly, it also helps out your transmission. You should always drive on tires that are the same tire size, and preferable the same tire brand. Driving on a spare tire for an extensive period of time, or with tire sizes that are don't match one another can put strain on your transmission and lead to much larger problems than replacing a couple of tires.

Be Careful With How You Stop & Start

Take some time to assess how you stop and start your vehicle, especially if you have had transmission issues in the past. For example, when you are switching from reverse to drive, make sure that your vehicle is fully stopped. Switching to drive from reverse when your vehicle is still moving can slowly damage your transmission over time. If you have a manual transmission, make sure that you smoothly switch gears and don't jerk your vehicle when you switch gears. 

Check Your Transmission Fluid

The best thing you can do for your transmission is to make sure that it always has the fluid it needs to run effectively. Ever time you change your oil, check and make sure that you have enough transmission fluid as well. Schedule to have your transmission fluid flushed and changed according to the manufacturer's schedule in your vehicle's owner manual. If your transmission fluid warning light ever comes on, prioritize getting more fluid into your transmission over whatever your original destination was. 

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