A Quick Guide To Common Transmission Issues And How They Can Manifest

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Given the complexities of the modern transmission, even a minor problem can seem incredibly complicated. As a result, when you have experienced an issue with the transmission in your vehicle, it is not always easy to know what the problem is or if you should take it to a mechanic. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information about understanding common problems that may occur to your transmission when you suspect a problem has occurred.

When Unexpected Noises Or Sounds Appear

It is a good idea to remember that just because you hear an unfamiliar sound when you are starting the car or changing gears, it does not automatically mean that there is a problem. For instance, a one-time problem could be because debris has made its way under the car or into a tire well. However, if the problem continues or occurs only when you change into a specific gear, it is time to see a mechanic.

In addition, it is often a cause for alarm if if you hear an unusual clunking sound that persists. The same is true if you smell something burning, even if the new smell is not constant.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid When You Suspect A Leak

When you suspect a transmission fluid leak, you will need to check it. You may be surprised to discover that checking your transmission fluid is a bit more challenging than checking your motor oil. For example, your engine will need to be running and warm in order to access your transmission fluid. Your vehicle should be in either neutral with the emergency brake on or in park. The transmission will have a dipstick sticking out of it. You will need to pull that stick out and hope that the fluid on the end is either a light pink or clear.

You should then remove, clean and replace the dipstick in order to check the fluid levels. If it is low or it is not the color that you were hoping for, it is a good idea to have it examined by a mechanic. The same is also true if you notice a gritty feeling to the fluid. At the very least, your transmission could probably benefit from being flushed and changed if the fluid is off-color or gritty, so check with your mechanic.

In conclusion, the transmission of your automobile has an immediate and obvious impact on its ability to run properly. Therefore, it will be in your own best interests to know how some common problems with the transmission are likely to manifest and what those problems could mean to you. Contact a company like Interstate Transmission & Automotive for more information.