Do Your Tires Need To Be Replaced? Look For These 3 Signs

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Even though tires are an important part of every car, it's common for drivers to not even think about the tires on a car until one goes flat and needs replacement. There are signs you can look for that will tell you your tires need replacement.  Waiting too long could cause a tire to become damaged while driving, which could potentially lead to a dangerous accident on the road.  Look for these 3 signs to prevent that from happening.

The Tire Tread

Tread will wear off from a tire over time, and it's completely normal.  The more you drive, the faster the tread will wear away.  However, know that excessive tread wear can be dangerous to those in the car.  The tire will be unable to grip to the ground when it has a bald tread. This is because the tread allows water to pass through the tire as it drives over the surface, so in wet conditions it makes driving much safer.  Driving on a bare tire will cause the car to hydroplane, where the tires lose traction and glide across the surface.

Check the depth of a tread by using a penny to see if you have enough tread.  Stick it upside-down so that the president's head faces the tire. Does the tread go past his head? If so, you have enough tread on your tire that it is not a concern. Anything less means you should have new tires put on your car.

Vibration When Driving

Have you noticed that your car is vibrating when you are driving?  This could also mean that your tires are in need of being replaced.  To pinpoint the problem to the tires, pay attention to how the car handles while the vibration is occurring.  Is the car aligned properly and does it go straight? Or do you not feel in total control with the car drifting to the side? If you are experiencing drifting, it is likely due to the tires. 

Pressure Changes

The temperatures outside actually can affect your tires, with them expanding in hot temperatures and losing pressure in cold temperatures.  Don't confuse low air pressure in the winter with a tire that is losing air pressure from damage, especially if it happens evenly across all tires. 

Be concerned when one of your tires is losing air pressure much faster than any of the other tires.  There could be a puncture in the surface of the tire, causing air to leak out quickly.  You'll need to have the tire replaced as soon as possible.

If you are not sure if you need new tires, take your car into a local auto shop like Collier Tire Auto & Truck Repair Center and have them inspected.