Hear A Squealing And Smell A Burning Under The Hood Of Your Vehicle? What To Know

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If there is a loud squealing or screeching when you start up your automobile, and there are other problems like a bad odor and the car pulling or jerking, you want to get the vehicle to a licensed mechanic. Some of these problems indicate that there could be a problem with a belt under the hood of the car, and a belt needs to be fixed before it snaps or tears more. Here are some of the reasons why you may be hearing these noises and smell something hot or burning from the vehicle.

The Belt is Thinning

If there is a belt that is thinning or off track and isn't aligned properly, this could be causing the belt to squeal. The belt may need to be put back onto the cylinder properly, or chances are it may need to be replaced. Often you have to dig through the front end of the car and move components to get to the belts, so it's best to let the experts do the work for you.

There is an Interior Fluid Leak

If there is an interior tank or area where the fluid is leaking, and it is leaking onto a belt, this could cause multiple issues. The moisture on the belt can cause a burning order or smell from the fluid getting hot, it can cause the belt to squeal, and it can cause the belt to get slipper and to slide out of place. The mechanics will look to see if there is a leak from the power steering compartment, transmission fluid area or other possibilities.

Gears are Problematic

The gears and cylinders where the belts and hoses run may be out of line, rusty or having other problems. This could be causing a screeching or squealing noise that you hear, along with a grinding and other complications.

You want to have the mechanics run a full diagnostic check to see if any fluids are low if it's just the hoses that are a problem and to get any other information about what could be wrong with your vehicle while you have it in the shop. You don't want to keep driving the vehicle if you can hear a noise and smell a problem. Take the vehicle in and invest the time and money to make sure that they fix it right the first time, and cover all the potential problems so that you can drive away with confidence.

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