What To Look For In A Car Title Transfer Company

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When you own an auto dealership, you buy cars from all across the United States. As such, you want to make sure you have titles transferred quickly so you can claim full legal ownership of the vehicles you have and get them in your list of inventory quickly.

Using a car title transfer company, you can get the titles you need transferred quickly, accurately, and efficiently with little fuss. However, you want to make sure you choose a company you know you can trust. Here are four things to look for in a title transfer company so you can succeed in getting your auto inventory on the market quickly.


If licensing is required to do title transfers in your state, make sure you choose a company that has the legal requirements to operate fully. Even if licensing is not required in your state, it's wise to choose a title service that goes this extra mile with all their staff.


Reputation is extremely important when it comes to choosing a company to manage the many titles you'll pass their way on a regular basis. What you're looking for is a service that provides timely care for their clients, efficient work, complete title transfers, and little to no human errors. You also want a company that has a great reputation regarding communication.


Every title transfer service company will provide their own price for the services they provide. Depending on how frequently you need titles transferred from vehicles purchased out of state, you may pay on a per-title basis or just pay a flat fee for the work provided to you. You'll get a price quote for services from the companies you research; choose the title transfer company that meets your budget and specific needs best.


Some title transfer companies don't just transfer titles from out of state, they can also do vehicle inspections, title checks, and other tasks as well. If you are accustomed to buying vehicles at auction or from individual sellers, then you'll want to have access to even more services so you can ensure the vehicles you are getting titles for are free and clear.

You can hire the same title transfer company to do all your title transfers for your dealership. When you choose the right company, you feel confident in being able to get your automobile inventory ready for sale so you can make an even better profit.