3 Tire Tips For Spring

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Spring driving may be refreshing, but it does possess its own challenges. The snow and freezing weather may be behind your, but now you have to contend with rain and potholes. That is why taking care of your tires is just as important in the spring as it is in the winter.

#1 Keep Your Tires Correctly Inflated

One of the easiest and most overlooked tire care tips is to keep your tires at the tires at the correct tire pressure. Having your tires at the correct pressure helps keep you safe on the road. When your tires are at the right pressure, you are going to experience better handling, acceleration, and cornering. On a slippery wet spring road, you are going to get a better grip when your tires are set to the right pressure. Your tires are less likely to get damaged when going through a pothole when your tires are at the right pressure.

You can easily add pressure to your tires yourself if you have an air pressure machine in your garage or using a can of air. You can also use the machines located at most gas stations that allow you to add or remove air from your tires. You can even pull your vehicle through your local oil change place, and they will happily check and adjust your tire pressure for you, for free.

#2 Keep an Eye on the Condition of Your Tire Tread

The tread on your tires can tell you a story. If the tread wears out in the middle of the tire, as intended, your tire tread lets you know that everything is okay with your vehicle.

If you start to notice an unusual wear pattern though, such as your tires wearing out on only the inside or the outside edge of your tires, your tires are trying to tell you a different story. Your tires are trying to tell you that something is off with your vehicle, and your tires are not making the intended contact with the road.

When your tires tread does not wear out as it should, that means that some other system, be it the suspension or another component, is not working as it should. When you see an unusual tread pattern, you should take your vehicle to the auto repair shop for an inspection.

#3 Remember to Rotate Your Tires

You need to rotate your tires every few thousand miles. It is important to keep on top of this task and rotate your tires every couple thousand miles. Rotating your tires allows your tires to wear out more evenly. If you fail to rotate your tires for an extended period, you may lose the opportunity to rotate your tires. If the wear on your tires is too extreme because you failed to rotate your tires in a timely manner, you will no longer be able to rotate your tires due to uneven wear on your tires

Take care of your tires this spring and check the tire pressure, rotate your tires, and keep an eye on the story the tire tread is telling you. For more information, reach out to a tire service shop in your area.