Is Your Commercial Truck Consuming Too Much Fuel? 3 Possible Causes

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Your fuel tank can run dry during a long-distance trip. High temperatures and poor road conditions also increase your vehicle's gas consumption rate. However, some habits and vehicle internal factors may also affect the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes. This article will explore some of these factors and tips to remedy them.

The Air Filters Are Dirty

A clean air filter guarantees fresh air in all the corners of the truck. But did you also know that it also leads to excess fuel usage? If there is poor cool air circulation, very little air reaches the combustion chamber. This causes the engine to overwork as it tries to supply the required power resulting in high gas consumption. For this reason, it's advisable to clean the filters regularly and replace them as required. 

The Tire Pressure Is Too Low

One of the important maintenance practices you should embrace is examining the tire pressure frequently. If the pressure levels are too low, the tires will wear out faster. Besides that, low-pressure tires cause the engine to work harder than usual. Again, the engine will need more gas to meet the power demands of the vehicle. So, check your tire pressure before starting the day and fix it if necessary. 

The Oil in the Engine Isn't Ideal 

Your engine's movable parts need lubrication to protect them from the damaging effects of friction and corrosion. Failure to do this causes the engine to wear down faster than expected. Not only do you need the oil levels to be at the right levels, but you also need to be careful with the type of oil you use.

Generally, there are different oil grades for all types of vehicles. If the oil is too thick, the pistons will not move as required, causing the engine to heat up and use more fuel. If you are unsure of the oil to use, consult an auto repair company.

The Habits You Practice Can Affect Oil Consumption

Some driving habits profoundly affect a vehicle's fuel consumption. For example, driving at high speeds leads to high gas usage. Similarly, leaving the AC on all the time, shifting gears unnecessarily, and starting the engine several minutes before driving off could be the reasons behind your ever-increasing gas expenses. However, if you stop these habits, you will notice a significant reduction in your visits to the gas station.

Keeping track of your fuel consumption enable you to keep your vehicle's maintenance cost under control. So, if you notice an unexplained spike, the factors highlighted above could blame for it. Visit an auto repair expert at this point so that they can identify and fix the underlying issue in time. 

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