Exploring Your Options For Buying Roadside Assistance Coverage

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Having roadside assistance coverage can make a world of difference if you ever find yourself broken down on the side of the road. Having this coverage means that you will always be able to get the help you need when dealing with car troubles. Best of all, with several different options available for purchasing this type of coverage, you are sure to find a roadside assistance policy that is perfectly suited to your needs. In this article, you can learn more about some of the different options you have available for buying roadside assistance coverage.

Option #1: Buying A Standalone Policy

Roadside assistance coverage can be purchased as a standalone policy through a variety of different providers. Choosing to utilize this option can often prove quite beneficial as standalone policies often offer greater flexibility in coverage options. For instance, these standalone policies will often follow the policyholder rather than a specific vehicle. Consequently, you can be sure you are covered regardless of what vehicle you may be driving at the time this coverage is needed. Standalone policies may also be purchased with different levels of coverage in order to provide features such as additional tows per year or lower co-payments on certain services. 

Option #2: Included In Warranty Coverage

If you have a newer vehicle that is covered under warranty or have chosen to purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle, roadside assistance coverage may be included in this warranty coverage. Oftentimes you will be given a choice whether or not to include this coverage in your warranty since it can come at an additional price. In many cases choosing to include this coverage will allow you to obtain roadside assistance at a significant discount when compared to buying a standalone policy. The downside to choosing to include this coverage in your warranty is that you may be limited to using this coverage only for the vehicle that is listed on the warranty policy. 

Option #3: Included With Auto Insurance

Many auto insurance providers also allow you to purchase roadside assistance coverage at a discount when including this coverage in your auto insurance policy. This option is often a good middle ground for individuals who are looking to save money but also want to ensure they are covered while driving a variety of vehicles. This is because roadside assistance coverage that is bundled with your auto insurance will typically cover you when driving any of the vehicles that are listed on your insurance policy. 

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