A Couple Of Examples When A Windshield Should Be Replaced

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If you are involved in an accident and your windshield is seriously damaged or completely shattered, then you know you need to have the windshield replaced. However, things aren't always that cut and dry. There may be some times when it would be a good idea to have your windshield replaced when the signs aren't so blatantly obvious. Here are a couple of examples of other times when you may want to have your windshield replaced:  

Your windshield has pitting

Pitting happens when the windshield has natural wear and tear that comes in the form of small chips. This happens because sand and dust get blown into the windshield with force, and this causes very tiny chips to occur. It can be difficult to see the windshield pitting when it is minimal. However, when pitting becomes worse, it can affect your ability to see safely while you are driving. For one thing, the pitting can distort your vision when the sunlight hits the windshield and the light gets reflected in many directions at the same time. Also, the lights from streetlights, stoplights, and other vehicles can have the same effect when you drive at night. This is why it's a good idea for you to have your windshield replaced when you notice the pitting has got to the point where it's concerning. 

Your windshield is loose

If your windshield rattles when you drive your car, then it could be loose. Some other signs of a loose windshield can include hearing a whooshing sound when you drive the car with all the windows up or seeing water leaking in from the edges. Car accidents are one of the biggest reasons for windshields getting loose. The impact can cause the seal that holds the windshield in place to be damaged. Once that seal is damaged, it can't be fixed. Driving a car with a loose windshield is dangerous. If your windshield is loose, then you want to take the car in and have the windshield replaced right away. 


Now that you have read a couple of examples of when you should have your windshield replaced, you can make the right decision if you face these things at some point in the future. Also, any time you feel there may be problems with your windshield, know that it's a good idea to have it looked at.

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