Reasons To Take Your Vehicle To Your Local Auto Repair Shop

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Keeping your vehicle running smoothly and in good shape requires some service and repairs from time to time. Knowing when to take your car or truck to an auto repair shop for service is vital, but does not have to be overwhelming or stressful if you know where to go.  

General Repairs And Service

In most situations, a general auto repair shop can handle the repairs to your vehicle and help you with routine services like oil changes, tire rotations, and brake services. These are repairs that are part of the everyday workload in most shops. The work can be completed quickly, so each job does not tie up a work bay or mechanic for very long. 

A general auto repair shop depends on volume to make money, and often the technicians are paid by the job, so taking on specialty work is not profitable. The faster each job is completed, the more work can move through the shop. However, it is vital that the work is done right, and smaller shops may have more time to put into each job they take on. 

You can take your vehicle to any auto repair shop for general repairs and service, but find one that you are comfortable with and is close to your home for the most convenience. Once you establish a working relationship with the shop, the mechanics working there will get to know your car, and the things that are commonly a concern with it, making it easier for them to keep it serviced and safe for you.

Specialty Repair Shops

There are some auto repair shops that specialize in specific systems in vehicles that you may need. If you have a transmission problem that requires a rebuild or repair large enough that the transmission needs to come out of the vehicle, you most likely need to take the car to a transmission shop. 

While the general auto repair shop you typically use may have the expertise to make these repairs, they may not want to take the job on because it is time-consuming and will tie up a technician and a shop bay for much longer than most standard repairs. There may also be some specialty equipment necessary for the repair that your local shop does not have, so referring you to the transmission shop or another specialty repair center is often a better option. 

Many times a specialty shop will save you money because they can do the work more efficiently. Repairs may be billed for the job instead of by the hour, and can often be an advantage to the customer when you need something major like a transmission or engine overhaul. 

Contact a local auto repair shop to learn more.