Services That May Be Vital To The Longevity Of Your Vehicle

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Cars are mechanical machines that require maintenance to ensure all the parts work correctly together. Car care is one of the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle, and many times the things you need are simple for any shop that offer auto services for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Engine Care

One of the most common auto services necessary for any internal combustion engine is an oil and filter change. The oil in your car's engine has several purposes, and if you neglect it, damage can occur inside that is hard to repair and may be expensive. 

Engine oil lubricates all the moving parts inside the engine, and helps to reduce friction, reducing the heat build-up between the moving parts. This process is essential but comes at a cost because the heat will break down the oil's viscosity and ability to lubricate the surfaces over time. 

Replacing the oil every few thousand miles is the best defense again thermal breakdown and provides the most protection for the internal engine parts. The engine oil also picks up small particles of metal that flake off as parts wear, and they get caught up in the oil filter as they pass through. Replacing the oil filter with the oil is the best way to reduce contaminating the new oil as soon as you add it, and most car care centers change the oil and filter together as standard practice. 

Leaks And Damage

While your car is on the lift for service, the tech at the car care center will take the time to look for leaks or damage under the vehicle that might otherwise not be noticeable. Sometimes a leak that is not large enough to cause a puddle of oil, coolant, or transmission fluid on the ground can be caught early when the vehicle is on for service. 

If the repair is something minor, the tech may let you know and ask if you want to fix it while the car is in the shop or schedule a time to bring it back for the repair. If the issue could worsen while driving the vehicle, you may want to have the work done immediately. However, a minor leak may still take some time to fix, so bringing the car back later may be necessary while still vital. 

Filters, Belts, And Hoses

When you take your vehicle in for car care services, the tech will go over the hoses, belts, and filters in the vehicle for you. Often these are routine checks and do not require repairs but may lead to discovering a part that could fail later. 

Basic car care does not need to be time-consuming, but if you want to get the most out of your car or truck, taking it for service is essential.   

For more information about car care, contact a local company.