Paintless Dent Removal—Key Tactics To Focus On

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If there's a dent on your vehicle, such as one on the side panel, you might be able to remove it using paintless dent removal. This is where the dent is essentially pushed out without the need to repaint the affected area later on. To have success with this dent removal process, be sure to follow these protocols. 

Make Sure This Removal Process Is Possible

The first thing you need to do when dealing with a dent using paintless dent removal tactics is to make sure they are even possible. Not every dent is compatible with this dent removal technique after all, so you need to verify compatibility before proceeding forward. You'll want to inspect the dent on your vehicle in person, seeing where it is and judging its overall size. You might even want to take pictures of the dent you're looking to remove and send them to an auto body shop. One of their technicians can let you know if paintless dent removal methods are worth performing.

Find a Way to Access the Dent From Within

In order for paintless dent removal to work out for the best, you really need to access the dent from the inside. Then you won't have to work too hard to complete this process. You would just need to find a way to press on the other side to pop the dent out. You'll want to study your vehicle's particular makeup and the dent's location to see where the best entry point is. If you can't find it, let an auto body repair expert help you out. From there, you can continue forward with this repair method.

Continue to Monitor the Repaired Area

Once you get rid of a dent using paintless dent removal tactics, you now need to monitor the area that was worked on. Make sure the dent isn't able to come back later on. You'll just need to perform body inspections each time you go to drive this vehicle. If the dent does come back, even just slightly, then you may want to take your vehicle to a professional shop to work out a more permanent solution.

Dents may be something you have to deal with at some point as a vehicle owner. If you want to try paintless dent removal to alleviate them, make sure you get the right tools and have a plan before you start adjusting your vehicle's body.

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